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As Seen on Social

Students are giving audiences an inside view of their medical school life on and off campus via social media
Victoria Jenifer, M.D. Class of 2026, and Amanda Kaine, MiBS Class of 2024

Victoria Jenifer, M.D. Class of 2026, and Amanda Kaine, MiBS Class of 2024


n an era dominated by digital communication, academia is shedding its traditional veneer and embracing the role social media plays in communicating a school’s values, achievements and impact to a wider audience. And the Miller School is leading the way with its new #MedCanes Ambassador Program, launched last fall. The initiative recruits top-tier students who are interested in sharing stories about life on and off campus via social media. Victoria Jenifer, M.D. Class of 2026, and Amanda Kaine, MiBS Class of 2024, were selected as the spring 2024 ambassadors. They both took some time out of their busy academic and extracurricular schedules to talk about being representatives of the Miller School.

Why did you want to become #MedCanes Ambassadors?

Jenifer: I heard about the program through a friend, and I thought it would be an amazing way to share with a national audience everything that the Miller School does, my accomplishments as a student and why I love it here. I’ve always been a bit reserved, so I also wanted to feel more comfortable in front of a camera and other people, and this is a great opportunity to push myself through social media.

Kaine: The Miller School is giving me so much, and to be able to showcase everything I’m doing here and connect with the medical community all over the country, and the world, is why I decided to apply to the program. Social media is an incredible gateway to connect a wide array of audiences. This opportunity was a perfect way for me to be able to spread my love and passion for the U on a macroscopic scale.

What does being a #MedCanes Ambassador involve?

Jenifer: We began by meeting with the Miller School marketing and communications team to figure out what content we want to create for our posts, which we share on TikTok and Instagram a few times each month. In my first post, I introduced myself and talked about some of my interests and what kind of content viewers can expect from me. The second post will be a day in my life as a med student — going to classes and doing clinical rotations at University of Miami Health System hospitals, as well the fun portions of life outside of school. As the semester continues, I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to talk about.

Kaine: My first post is a narrative about my academic path, which has been kind of nontraditional. I’m in the middle of my gap year before going to medical school. I am enrolled in the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MiBS) Program. I’m interested in becoming a physician-scientist in the academic setting, subspecializing in trauma and burn surgery.

Without giving away too many spoilers, can you tell us some of your accomplishments?

Kaine: I’m a certified emergency medical technician, nutrition coach and advanced cardiovascular life support provider, and I’ve served as a first responder and an emergency room technician. My proudest accomplishment will be my personal growth and development, crafted through resilience and perseverance.

Jenifer: The Miller School’s NextGenMD curriculum allows us to do rotations in our second year, instead of third year like most med schools, and I’ve had a really good experience thus far. I’m a kinesthetic learner — someone who learns by doing — so watching the residents, fellows and physicians during rounds has taught me so much. When I’m not in classes or the hospital, I love working out at the gym and going to the movies or out to eat with friends. Medical school can be stressful, so you have to find ways to recenter yourself, and I am proud that I have accomplished some form of balance.