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One Couple, Two Distinct Trajectories

Husband and wife are dedicated to innovation and progress in access, care and clinical development
Sheri Hamersley, M.D. ’90, and Frank Czerwiec Jr., M.D. ’90, Ph.D. ’90

Sheri Hamersley, M.D. ’90, and Frank Czerwiec Jr., M.D. ’90, Ph.D. ’90


heri Hamersley, M.D. ’90, and Frank Czerwiec Jr., M.D. ’90, Ph.D. ’90, met as students at the Miller School, where they fell in love with the practice of medicine and with each other. Their University of Miami legacy has grown, with two of their children graduating from UM and one, Jordan Czerwiec, a first-year student at the Miller School.

The couple is focused on advancing medicine in their respective fields through innovations in drug development and maternity care. Dr. Czerwiec has spent 25 years conducting clinical research at several renowned pharmaceutical companies to find solutions for patients with unmet medical needs. His impressive accomplishments include helping to secure FDA and global approval for tolvaptan, which is used to treat hyponatremia and autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), and other drugs.

“We worked closely with experts around the world to satisfy the regulators with clinical programs that addressed a very unique approach to ADPKD,” said Dr. Czerwiec, who is board certified in internal medicine, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.

Now chief medical officer for Sparrow Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Czerwiec is leading multiple clinical development programs for a selective HSD-1 inhibitor. He is also an active supporter of kidney disease-related research with the PKD Foundation.

Dr. Hamersley owns her own maternal-fetal medicine practice in Maryland, where she has provided care to mothers and their unborn babies during high-risk pregnancies for 32 years. Board certified in obstetrics, gynecology and MFM, she takes a holistic approach that encompasses clinical expertise and a focus on body and mind wellness. She has also identified a gap in post-delivery care and is exploring ways to provide services and support for the mind, body and soul.

“During my MFM fellowship, the other physicians wanted me to teach them the innovative techniques I learned at the Miller School,” said Dr. Hamersley. “I experienced things that no other physician had because of the sheer volume and types of patients we treated.”

Even before the pandemic, Dr. Hamersley had added telemedicine to her practice, and she continues increasing access to care. She is dedicated to bolstering health equity in the most vulnerable communities through frequent mission trips to remote locations in China, Costa Rica and elsewhere to provide care.

“The women are so grateful,” said Dr. Hamersley. “It gives me such a sense of purpose to help them.”

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