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Spring 2021

Healthy Aging

The key is not the years in your life

The key is the life in your years

Dear Alumni, Colleagues, and Friends of the Miller School Family

Aging is a distinct privilege, a stark reality amplified by the ravages of COVID-19, which has taken hundreds of thousands of lives. Fortunately, the exceptional effort and heroism displayed by our amazing health care professionals, community workers, and first responders in confronting the global pandemic, along with the recent introduction of three effective vaccines, have restored our hope for a return to “normal” life and an uninterrupted natural aging process.

But even so-called normal life has its attendant challenges, such as the development of Alzheimer’s disease. I am proud to report that our investigators are continuing to lead the charge in unraveling the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. “Healthy Aging,” our cover story in this issue of University of Miami Medicine, details their groundbreaking contributions in elucidating the underlying cause of this growing problem facing our aging population and offers some salient advice for extending our “healthspan.”


Henri R. Ford, M.D., M.H.A.

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