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A Clear Vision

A grateful patient’s gifts support Bascom Palmer’s research

Robert Stucker is supporting the life-changing work being done at Bascom Palmer.


t was late in the day two years ago when Robert Stucker saw the “black veil,” a telltale sign of a retinal detachment. The Naples, Florida, retiree — who had previously experienced a retinal tear — knew he needed immediate, expert care if there was any hope of saving his sight. A friend rushed him to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, the nation’s No. 1 ranked eye hospital.

In the emergency room, Stucker met Audina Berrocal, M.D., professor of clinical ophthalmology at the Miller School of Medicine. The retina and vitreous disease specialist was able to successfully reattach Stucker’s retina in the operating room and restore his eyesight.

“I am forever grateful for the exceptional care I received at Bascom Palmer and the incredible outcome Dr. Berrocal was able to achieve,” Stucker said. “She is a world-class physician, not just in her clinical skills but in how she interacts with her patients. One of my most treasured physician relationships is with her.”

To show his appreciation, Stucker has made significant donations to support the life-changing work being done in eyecare, especially at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Naples.

“It is my pleasure to contribute resources to support research and other programs that will enhance the ophthalmology program,” said Stucker, who credited the entire team at Bascom for their customer service and attention to detail. “I’m really very appreciative.”

“Patients like Mr. Stucker are important because they understand the critical nature of the work we are doing and our need for technology,” said Dr. Berrocal, who is also a renowned pediatric retina specialist. “His generous donations will allow us to pursue clinical research, support genetic therapies, and acquire cutting-edge equipment.”

While she is certainly thankful for Stucker’s annual donations, Dr. Berrocal said she gets the most satisfaction from a healthy patient.

“Nothing is more gratifying as a retinal surgeon than seeing a patient go back to 20/20 vision,” Dr. Berrocal said. “That is priceless.”