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More than Patient Care

A clinician-educator says practitioners need to understand the business side of medicine
Sabrina Taldone, B.S. ’10, M.D. ’15, MBA ’15

Sabrina Taldone, B.S. ’10, M.D. ’15, MBA ’15


abrina Taldone, B.S. ’10, M.D. ’15, MBA ’15, assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at the Miller School, calls herself a “’Cane for life.” Since 2006, she has been a student, resident or faculty member at the University of Miami and is now the associate chief medical officer for ambulatory services at UHealth – University of Miami Health System.

Dr. Taldone grew up in the Tampa Bay area before coming to Miami. “My undergraduate studies at UM, including a major in biology and five minors, provided a strong platform from which to grow during my training,” she said. “I served a diverse patient population while working with experts in a supportive environment that encouraged student leadership and volunteerism.”

As a student in the M.D./M.B.A. program, she also gained expertise in the business side of medicine.

“Today’s practice of medicine involves much more than patient care,” Dr. Taldone said. “I want to ensure that physicians and health professionals are prepared to lead the business side of medicine in a way that is patient-centered and aligns with the values of our profession.”

As a clinician-educator, Dr. Taldone is passionate about sharing her knowledge and training the next generation of physicians. She helped develop the Medicine as a Profession course, which teaches first-year students about population health, communication skills and health system science.

At UHealth, she is helping to create systems that ensure high-quality care delivery in the ambulatory and post-acute settings.

“We provide patients with the support they need to stay healthy in the outpatient setting by focusing on four pillars — improving quality and safety, patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction and operational excellence,” she said.

After all these years, Dr. Taldone remains extremely proud to be a ’Cane and plans to stay for a long time.

“I am committed to working with the Miller School as we grow and thrive together,” she said.

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