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Relentless Pursuit

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is redefining cancer research and care
Man with a black shirt poses for a photo on campus

Firefighter and cancer survivor David Perez received treatment at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, which recently broke ground on a 12-story research facility to accelerate cancer treatment and care.


ylvester, the only National Cancer Institute–designated cancer center in South Florida, is constructing the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – Transformational Cancer Research Building – (TCRB), a world-class, 12-story research facility that will bring together the world’s best experts to bring new hope to patients. 


The new facility will accelerate our quest for discovery in pursuit of both cancer treatment and cures. From deploying highly targeted therapies to unlocking mRNA technology for fighting diseases, the extraordinary resources of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – TCRB will enhance our capabilities to care for our patients. There will be two floors dedicated to expanded clinical care for our patients, additional cutting-edge imaging, and resources and physical space to accelerate cancer research and provide patients clinical trials rarely offered anywhere else in the world.


Fighting a foe as tenacious as cancer requires intensive collaboration. The new facility will serve as a magnet for top talent in the field, attracting the best and brightest scientists, and will co-locate experts here in Miami to tackle the world’s toughest-to-treat cancers. Together we will work to prolong and improve the quality of patients’ lives through cures, new treatments, prevention and lifestyle medicine.


The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – TCRB will accelerate our groundbreaking advances in personalized precision medicine, as well as in immunotherapy and experimental modalities, offering new hope for patients. Our wellness and survivorship programs help patients manage the lifelong impacts of cancer and its treatments, improve long-term outcomes and advance research to improve the lives of survivors and their families.


With cutting-edge laboratories, the latest network and machine-learning technologies and state-of-the art technology in one location, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – TCRB will allow our experts to create a hub for innovative collaborations.

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